Illness and disease - where are we at?

In our modern times we currently have:

  • more information available to us than ever before about illness and disease

  • more information than ever before about how to keep ourselves healthy

  • more advanced treatments and scientific discoveries than ever before

So why is it that in spite of everything that is available to us and all our so called medical and scientific advances, our rates of illness and disease continue to get worse?

Some would say that it is due to better diagnosis but that is only a very small part of the picture.

Modern medicine is remarkable in its ability to support us with treatments, but perhaps we need to take a step back and ask why as a society we are so sick in the first place?

Could it be that our lifestyles are so far removed from our natural way of living and being? That at some level we all know what is good for us but we don’t always do it?

We continually run our bodies in a way that is stressful, and continue to put food and drink into our body that we know does not support our health.

The question we then need to ask is – WHY?

Do we not care about ourselves enough to take more care with how we look after our body and the fuel we put into it? It does not take much to join the dots and realise the impact that our choices have on our health.

Could it be that the best thing we can do for our health is to work on our level of self-care?

Things to ponder on include:

  • what you are eating (and drinking)

  • what time do you go to bed and how is the quality of your sleep

  • do you exercise and is it something you enjoy and do regularly

  • how are you in relationship with other people - do you find this difficult

  • do you find yourself getting emotional quite often

  • do you run yourself in nervous energy

  • do you find yourself needing caffeine and sugar to get through the day

  • do you wake up feeling refreshed

Until we choose to get honest about what is truly going on, and take more responsibility for the way we care for ourselves, our rates of illness and disease will not change.

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