Discipline and the Rubber Band effect

Have you ever noticed that the more you try not to do something it often has the opposite effect? You tell yourself you’re not going to eat something and then you end up eating more of it? This is called the rubber band effect – the more we try not to do something it is like stretching the rubber band, then we get the rebound effect when the rubber band lets go and we can end up doing more of whatever it was that we said we were not going to do. What is important is to bring awareness to the process – in the case of food for example, you can explore why you did not want to eat a certain food in the first place - do you know it is not good for you and you don't feel good when you eat it? Bring awareness to what makes you want to eat it anyway – are you in a moment of not caring for yourself, were you upset about something, were you tired and needing a pick me up.... Awareness is the key to changing anything, otherwise we are trying to use ‘discipline’ to control something when the underlying reason for wanting to do that thing has not been recognized.

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